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About Us

Buzzed on Caffeine

Buzzed Brew was founded with a passion to bring a new caffeinated experience to Pensacola. While we love a cold brew or vanilla latte as much as the next coffee lover, we wanted to bring forth coffee and energy drinks that provide a full experience for our customers. This is why we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy White Coffee, Lotus Energy Drinks, Flights, and an abundance of flavors! Whether you're looking for a uniquely flavored latte, an energy drink, or just a double shot of espresso, we're ready to get you 'buzzing' with caffeine!

We Have Uniquely Flavored Drinks!

At Buzzed Brew, we strive to not only serve up delicious coffee but to create a unique menu that gives customers new flavors to try. Each month, we have a new set of seasonal drinks as well as a new FOTM (Flight of the Month). Our flights provide a great way for customers to sample a variety of drinks at one time. Think you've found your all-time favorite on one of our rotating seasonal menus? Chances are, you can still order it month after month. That's because we keep our long list of flavors on hand year-round, allowing us to recreate many past seasonal favorites.

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