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White Coffee

Have you tried White Coffee? White Coffee is an extremely light roast - even lighter than a blonde! Because of the way White Coffee is roasted, it has a much lighter, almost nutty flavor. It's great for those who don't love a strong coffee flavor, or those just looking to switch things up. Although it doesn't taste like traditional coffee, White Coffee packs a punch with about 50% more caffeine than a traditional dark roast. Try White Coffee in our White Sands Latte - flavored with vanilla and white chocolate. We also have rotating seasonal drinks which feature White Coffee, or ask us to use White Coffee in any of our flavored lattes to switch up the flavor!

Lotus Energy Drinks

Feel the need for caffeine but are not in the mood for coffee? Try one of our Lotus Energy Drinks! Lotus is a plant-based energy drink naturally caffeinated with green caffeine and made with Earth’s 7 most powerful plants; coffee fruit, lotus flower extract, schizandra berry extract, guayusa tea, green coffee bean extract, Rhodiola rosea extract, and green tea extract. We mix the lotus concentrate with club soda and other fruity flavors to make a refreshing and energizing drink.

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Caffeine Flights

Feeling unsure of what drink you'd like? Our Caffeine Flights are the perfect solution! Flights contain four, 8oz drinks - perfect for sampling with friends or enjoying the caffeinated boost all to yourself. We offer a Top Seller Flight, and a rotating FOTM (Flight of the Month), and also have the option to build your own flight by mixing and matching different lattes and energy drinks from our menu.

When you take that first sip and it's like love at first flight...

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